Why use ManeStreem?

We had the pleasure of interviewing long time ManeStreem user (2 whole years!), Maura. Besides being totally cool for a variety of reasons, Maura is often in need of a quick glam sesh before waltzing off to some of Philly's hottest events and parties. She's basically our newest muse. 
  1. Why do you use ManeStreem? 
    The first three things that come to mind are convenience, cost and quality. I work in the fast paced, and often unpredictably chaotic events industry. I typically do not find a lot of down time, working long and crazy hours on nights and weekends. Having to be at a venue hours before an event starts to set up, rushing around to the last minute, making sure everything is perfect – (not to mention, actually having to attend the event and make it look like you’re as perfectly put together as the room) is not an easy feat! ManeStreem has made it easy for me to be the ultimate multitasker, with the peace of mind that I can still look and feel my best when the first guest shows up. As they say, “never let ‘em see you sweat!” and ManeStreem allows me to check one more thing off my To-Do list.

  2. What is your favorite ManeStreem service? 
    My two favorite and most frequently used services are the blow-out and make up services... But before event season picks up again, I may just have to treat myself to a massage.  
  3. Do you have a favorite Provider?
     I would have to say Denise Pereau for hair, especially up-do!  I’m often too busy to be decisive, or even have time to look up a style of what I want my hair to look like prior to her arriving. Having my brain moving a million miles a minute, I love that I can tell Denise where I am going, what I am wearing -- and she pretty much reads my mind to give me exactly what I want, effortlessly.
  4. How did you hear about ManeStreem? 
    I started using ManeStreem almost 2 years ago. It was right when the word starting getting out about the app and a couple of my clients were chatting about it. Shortly after, I started seeing it pop up all over social media and knew this could potentially be a live-altering app for me – and I was right! Since then, I have tried to tell all of the other busy men and women in my life about my experience!
  5. What is your go to glam look? 
    I love a big blow out, big loose curls with some extra volume – you can’t go wrong! Even if you pull it back later in the night after some dancing, it will still look great. For makeup I tend to skew more in the natural side and save my drama for the eyes. I’ll typically go with a nude pink lip and I’m a huge fan of rose gold, blush, and purple tones on the eyes (Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette is my makeup spirit animal...) I’ll always be up for some fake lashes if the event calls for it, don’t get me started on warm or peachy highlighters– bring it!
  6. What has been your best ManeStreem experience? 
    I would have to say my best memory was my very first experience (also happened to be with Denise). I had no idea what to expect but was more than pleasantly surprised! I remember I was rushing around prepping for Philadelphia Style Magazine’s Best of Style event and she agreed to meet me at my office for makeup and an up-do. The day was so hectic, that I forgot I even booked the service… Let me tell you, the look I must have given her was mixture between “Oh my gosh, you’re here…” with a side of “Crap, I still have so much work to do” and overwhelming display of “I have no idea what I want you to do right now.” She looked at me and said “Honey, show me your dress. Grab your laptop. And just trust me – I do this for a living.” For some reason, my typical inability to relinquish control was washed over with a sense of “okay….she’s got this.” I placed my laptop on my lap and continued to work as she started the transformation. Before I knew it, I looked up from my laptop from the first time in 45 minutes into the mirror and I could not believe she NAILED it. For someone used to picking things apart things and demanding perfection, I was shocked that there was nothing I would change. And just like that – my love affair with ManeStreem began. 

We love you, Maura!



ManeStreem Glam Awards 2018

A recap video of ManeStreem Beauty's 2018 GLAM Awards.
ManeStreem_GlamAwards_February_2018-12 (2).jpg

In case you missed it, we hosted our first ever Glam Awards on Thursday to honor all of ours fabulous Beauty Providers! They work so so hard and we truly wouldn’t be where we are without them. We partied the night away with free food, drinks, swag bags, and complementary headshots (before the bartender got out the Titos of course!).

Hair, makeup, massage, and nail awards were given out to the top Providers and famous fan favorites. Rookie of the Year and 'I Get Around' awards were also given out to Providers who have glammed almost all of Philly and NJ. To pamper out Providers as much as they do their clients, we handed out free three month beauty box subscription from our friends at Birchbox, a $50 Ulta gift card, free workout classes at The Bar Method, along with many other goodies. We hosted a quick social media workshop to get down to the nitty gritty of what does and doesn't work for a beauty Instagram.

We had so much fun and can't wait to make the Glam Awards an annual ManeStreem even. To see overview video of the night, check out our social media, and don’t forget to book your $29 Blowout and Style while you’re at it!



Easy Ways to Practice Self Love


We have all been there when we look in the mirror and sigh a little bit about the reflection we are staring at, not everyday is a day we can wake up pretty. There are periods of time in everyone’s life where we are just not happy with what we are looking or feeling like. These feelings are nothing to be ashamed of, we are human to remember, but it does not mean that they have to be permanent. Over the past few years, I have discovered quick pick me ups on how to make myself feel a little better and practice some self love when I am not feeling like my usual 'take on the world today' self.

Get A Wax

I leave this as a general statement because everyone has something they feel especially good about from a wax (mine is my eyebrows). Nothing is more empowering then leaving the salon feeling refreshed and looking like you are going to take on the world. There is nothing I hate more than when my eyebrows are not perfectly shaped; so keeping on top of my waxes is super important and a significant confidence boost!

Spray Tans

There is something about having bronzed and glowy skin that just makes a girl a million times more confident (even if that glow came from a bottle). Getting a tan will even out your skin tone, cover blemishes, and will all around make you feel like a more put together person.

Getting Your Nails Done

No one likes being seen with a chipped manicure; this is an easy fix when you are feeling a little bit off about yourself. What is better than going to get your nails done is getting your nails done in your house, and ManeStreem has nail techs that are always ready to refresh your hands for that mid-week pick me up!

Wear Your Favorite Clothes

Even though they may be your most worn items in your closet, wearing the clothes you feel best in will instantly boost your mood, look good feel good is the mantra right? Forget what everyone else says, put on your favorite pants and matching top and take on the world!

Remember, no matter how many outside pick me ups you do to boost your mood the ultimate happiness comes from within. Do not forget to surround yourself with the people who mean the most to you and who make you feel the best. The ManeStreem team is always here to make you feel like the greatest version of yourself!


xo,Rachel Robinson (2).png

ManeStreem x January Birchbox


The Eagles may have taken the city by storm this weekend, but we are admittedly even more excited about the January Birchbox that showed up at our office this morning. As usual, our Beauty Box did not disappoint and it was a challenge to narrow down our favorites to a top three. 

Lord & Berry Magic Brow Pencil


Strong brows are IN, but we are not a fan of the super obvious, drawn-on look. We may not be born with Lily Collins brows, but we also don't want to look like we went at it with an extra large sharpie to achieve our desired look. This marbled (yes, we said marbled!) brow pencil delivers a seamless, natural look that had our coworkers complimenting "how good our brows looked." Not to mention it's staying power - our brows stayed put from 7 am - 9 pm. 

ARROW BOOST Color Enhancing Lip Balm 


We go weak at the knees for a good lip balm and have gone through approximately 17832 in the past month trying to combat chapped lips, (thanks, 15 degree temperatures!). This lip balm is packed with moisturizing ingredients like mango seed butter and shea that felt like butter on our lips. As a bonus, the high-tech formula adjusts to your lips' pH to create a pinky hue that's unique to your coloring. We will definitely be re-purchasing this one

Bioderma® Sébium Pore Refiner


While you can't completely get rid of your pores (after all they do help naturally hydrate your skin), you can keep dirt out of them and refine the look of larger ones with this lightweight, non-comedogenic fluid. A Fluidactiv™ complex regulates sebum production and prevent pores from becoming clogged while an astringent-like active ingredient improves skin's texture and appearance overall. You'll notice how well it wears under your makeup and how much better your foundation looks without pores peeking through. Purchase yours here.


That's all for now! 



ManeStreem x James DeMarco

We are so excited to announce one of our guest bloggers, James Demarco! Keep reading to learn his pro tips for keeping skin glow-y and smooth during the winter months. 

James DeMarco, Emmy Winning Makeup Artist and skin care expert, has been beautifying Hollywood’s elite for over seventeen years (Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, and Rita Ora to name a few!). Throughout his career, he was behind the scenes for almost every major designer on the New York runways; MARC JACOBS, DVF, MICHAEL KORS, DIOR, with work also appearing in publications such as VOGUE, ALLURE, LUCKY, MARIE CLAIRE, and ELLE and in ad campaigns for NARS, BANANA REPUBLIC, GAP, MARC JACOBS, and VICTORIA’S SECRET.
— jamesdemarco.com

It's that time of year again when we are literally “walking in a winter wonderland” as temperatures plummet and snowfall accumulates, our skin begins to dehydrate and dry which leaves makeup lacking that luster glow. With parties to rush to , dinners to make and cold nights to prepare for, we can all use a festive glow to carry us into the new year. First to keep the skin extra hydrated through the winter months, opt for a serum or cream with hydraulic acid which is a naturally occurring acid in the skin that hydrates. A great medical grade serum I have used is by Skinceuticals.

A product with an extra boost of anti-aging ingredients is a great addition to your nighttime routine; try Dr. Dennis Gross’s Retinol + Ferulic Acid Anti-Aging moisturizer. Both ingredients will firm, brighten and resurface the leftover dead skin from summer and fall tans. This time of year is also great for home peels since direct sun exposure is limited. My favorite At-home Peel Pads are by Dr Gross as well. Use according to how well your skin tolerates the exfoliation.

Now that the skin is plump and supple we can focus on Makeup! When choosing foundation, I would look for primarily hydrating and creamy formulas. More Matte formulas may dry out your skin if your skin is dehydrated. Remember to match it to your neck! If you buy a foundation over the counter you will have to guess the shade which is why i prefer you travel to a department store or cosmetic supply store. If you like a cream stick or pan foundation, now is the time to wear them because the cold weather will keep it on your skin because warmer temps tend to melt creams away.

For the winter months, keep your makeup fresh with a neutral berry pink or brown lip. But for festive parties go all out! I love rich jewel toned eyes for the season and coordinating liner. This new NARS palette has gorgeous shades for all that anyone can wear. Golds, Emeralds and Sapphire shades will make your eyes POP! You can top off your look with a sexy lip in a deeper hue in the wine family or a bright red shade.


James DeMarco

ManeStreem x December Birchbox


Nothing brightens up an early morning in the office quite like a Birchbox package! After testing out every product, we narrowed down our favorites to an impressive top three. 


label.m Diamond Dust Leave-In Creme 

This leave in treatment boasts 'a VIP treatment' for your hair with ingredients like black diamond dust, white rose petals, and champagne. The pleasant floral scent was just an added bonus to the power of this little leave in spray. Our locks were immediately shinier and softer after just a few sprays. We will definitely be purchasing the full size of this one!


Whish Botanical Primer

We are always on the hunt for an amazing primer. Is there anything worse than your makeup quite literally sliding off your face by 3 pm? We don't think so either. This botanically based primer hydrates and smooths skin with Japanese honeysuckle, organic safflower seed oil, and seabuckthorn extract. The texture was reminiscent of a really good vitamin C serum - and instantly absorbed into our skin and kept our makeup intact for the entire day (6 pm workout included!)


We live and die by eyelash curlers - they make the difference between looking like we just rolled out of bed and just waltzed off the runway. Well not quite, but eye opening long, fluttering lashes are the best way to fool your coworkers into thinking you got more than five hours of sleep last night. We actually tried this out, totally works. Half the price and comparable to the esteemed Shu Uemura version, this Birchbox eyelash curler gave us that doe eyed look in one just one little squeeze. Paired with a good mascara, our lashes stayed put the whole day. 



ManeStreem x Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


We were so excited to partner with the Victoria's Secret Pink Campus chapter at Temple U for the exclusive Victoria's Secret watch party last week. Guests enjoyed the show with a view of the skyline, complimentary appetizers and drinks, and ManeStreem services. Our Provider's took requests for Angel inspired loose, sexy, Victoria's Secret waves and glow-y natural makeup and provided 'how to' demonstrations detailing how to recreate the look at home.

Stay tuned for our next big event! You definitely don't want to miss it.



How to Wake Up Pretty

Because who doesn't want to roll out of bed with glowing skin, frizz free hair, and under eyes that boast 8+ hours of sleep?


The idea of waking up pretty is one that is appealing to virtually everyone - however, actually making it a reality can prove something of a challenge. But don't worry, we're here to break it down for you.

Glowing skin

Retinol, retinol, retinol! Choosing to opt for a brightening serum in lieu of your usual acne medicine will keep your skin glow-y as opposed to flaky. The vitamin A derivative stimulates collagen production and cell turnover, which reduces the appearance of fine lines, evens out complexion, and unclogs pores. Just like any other skin treatment, Retinol serums can be drying, so we suggest using one 3-4 times a week paired with your usual moisturizer. If you suffer from hormonal or seasonal breakouts, try using your acne medicine as a spot treatment when needed as opposed to a part of your daily routine. Shop some of our favorite Retinol serums here and here.

Shiny, bouncy hair

If you wake up with your hair in a frizzy knot at the top of your head and weird kinks that ruin the thought of getting a second day out of yesterday's blowout, you are not alone. The secret to rolling out of bed with frizz free hair is a satin pillowcase. Not just for celebs and princesses, satin pillowcases are an easy and accessibly way to change your hair over night. Even the highest quality cotton creates friction with our delicate strands when moving around in the middle of the night, resulting in frizz and loss of volume. Satin pillowcases keep the delicate hair cuticle intact and prevent bed head of any kind - trust us, you'll be amazed. Shop our favorite brand here.

Rested under eyes 

Despite the obvious solution of just getting more sleep, there are a few tried and true tips to waking up looking a little more rested than you actually are. The easiest and most cost effective we've found is doubling up on pillows. According to Jeannette Graf, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, sleeping with your head propped up at night stops blood and fluid from building up under your eyes and dramatically decreases the severity of dark circles. 



ManeStreem x Double Dare Spa

IMG_8027 2.jpg

We are so excited to partner with Double Dare Spa! We tried out a bunch of their new products and wanted to share our thoughts 💋

Detox Bubbling Mask

Foamy and light, this mask promised smooth, clear skin after use. Our model loved the tingly sensation from the real bubbles (she kinda looked like a cloud - but in the best way possible!), and the subtle sent of the mask. The Amino Acids in the mask left her skin feeling clean and exfoliated, sans any need for scrubbing.

24 K Gold Peel-Off Mask


We love a good peel-off mask in this office. Working in the beauty industry means we have the luxury of trying out and testing all different types of makeup, but this can wreck havoc on sensitive and acne prone skin, so we're always on the lookout for a really good mask. This mask looked like actual gold when applied and proved it's strength by ridding our faces of any excess dead skin/oil and making our pores look noticeably smaller in just under 25 minutes. 

Gold Under Eye Mask

Another thing we love! Similar to collagen eye pads, the Gold Under Eye Mask is armed with collagen and skin soothing ingredients to prevent wrinkles and prep under-eyes for a night out. Our model loved how soft and tight her under eyes were after using them.

That's all for now! Happy Friday, everyone! 💋


Beauty Wherever You Are


We take "beauty wherever you are" very seriously. Whether it's manicures in your living with all of your girlfriends, a massage in your office, or a Blowout and Style on top of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, we're here to make you look and feel your best, wherever you are. 

Have a happy and safe weekend, everyone!



ManeStreem LA

We have officially launched hair and makeup services in LA!


ManeStreem is now on the West Coast, and in honor of this momentous occasion, we have compiled our three favorite LA inspired looks to serve as inspiration for your next appointment. Cali is the mecca of all things laid back and cool; breezy beach-y waves and makeup that can take you from the office to yoga, who wouldn't want that? 


Sun Kissed Glow Year Round

For those who are aren't blessed by a sunny climate year round, a bronze-y look done by one of our Beauty Professionals and a good self tanner is the best way fake a Cali glow. 

 photo courtesy of cupcakes and cashmre

photo courtesy of cupcakes and cashmre

Loose, Messy Waves

Is there anything more LA than looking like you didn't really try but are still somehow flawless? Book these 'just rolled out of bed with perfect hair' waves with on of our Providers now.


Basic, Nude Mani

There is nothing more effortless and chic than a flawless neutral gel mani. Better than regular manicures, gel last three times longer. And did we mention you don't even have to leave your house?

Looking for even more inspo? Check out our last blog post detailing our favorite beauty trends this fall.

That's all for now. Happy Friday, everyone!



Our Favorite Hair & Beauty Trends this Fall

The cooler months are officially upon us, and that means chunky knits, pumpkin spice everything, and a whole new wave of beauty and hair trends. We're here to break down some of our emerging fall favorites.


Bold lower lashes 

The queen of lashes remains relevant 50 years later! #Goals. In the 60s, British supermodel, Twiggy, threw the idea of "subtlety" out the window and drew on bottom lashes with black liner, thus revolutionizing the bottom lash lines of America. And now this the trend is back in full force for the fall. Instead of focusing primarily on top lashes, lay it on thick on your bottom lashes. Chic!


The updated French manicure

French manicures are not longer a 90s horror story! Ask your Nail Provider for a "tipped mani" i.e. curved swipes of bold fall colors on a neutral nail. This much needed update to the classic nude and white trend was all over the runway during NYFW, and is sure to be huge this fall.


Exposed roots

Blondes rejoice! Subtly blended dark roots are officially in. And no, we're not joking. The low maintenance intentionally grown-out look is best paired with a shiny Blowout and loose waves. At your next appointment, ask your Beauty Professional to paint highlights into your roots to ensure a subtle, not straight-across-line, look.


Chopped locks

Short, shaggy hair is huge this season. While we love the look of loose, flowing, mid-back length waves, there's an appeal to a chic little cut with tapered ends and tons of texture. Ask your Provider what exact length works with your face shape, we recommend shoulder length to most of our clients.  


Bronzed smoky eye

Take a hiatus from the typical dark smoky eye in lieu of a more office friendly look. Ask your Provider for "sunset eyes" at your next appointment for a look that'll take you from work to Happy Hour. 

Looking for more inspo? Check out our latest bridal article and don't forget to check out our Pinterest and Instagram for a daily dose of all things ManeStreem.

That's all for now! Happy Fall, everyone!