How to Wake Up Pretty

Because who doesn't want to roll out of bed with glowing skin, frizz free hair, and under eyes that boast 8+ hours of sleep?


The idea of waking up pretty is one that is appealing to virtually everyone - however, actually making it a reality can prove something of a challenge. But don't worry, we're here to break it down for you.

Glowing skin

Retinol, retinol, retinol! Choosing to opt for a brightening serum in lieu of your usual acne medicine will keep your skin glow-y as opposed to flaky. The vitamin A derivative stimulates collagen production and cell turnover, which reduces the appearance of fine lines, evens out complexion, and unclogs pores. Just like any other skin treatment, Retinol serums can be drying, so we suggest using one 3-4 times a week paired with your usual moisturizer. If you suffer from hormonal or seasonal breakouts, try using your acne medicine as a spot treatment when needed as opposed to a part of your daily routine. Shop some of our favorite Retinol serums here and here.

Shiny, bouncy hair

If you wake up with your hair in a frizzy knot at the top of your head and weird kinks that ruin the thought of getting a second day out of yesterday's blowout, you are not alone. The secret to rolling out of bed with frizz free hair is a satin pillowcase. Not just for celebs and princesses, satin pillowcases are an easy and accessibly way to change your hair over night. Even the highest quality cotton creates friction with our delicate strands when moving around in the middle of the night, resulting in frizz and loss of volume. Satin pillowcases keep the delicate hair cuticle intact and prevent bed head of any kind - trust us, you'll be amazed. Shop our favorite brand here.

Rested under eyes 

Despite the obvious solution of just getting more sleep, there are a few tried and true tips to waking up looking a little more rested than you actually are. The easiest and most cost effective we've found is doubling up on pillows. According to Jeannette Graf, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, sleeping with your head propped up at night stops blood and fluid from building up under your eyes and dramatically decreases the severity of dark circles.