Easy Ways to Practice Self Love


We have all been there when we look in the mirror and sigh a little bit about the reflection we are staring at, not everyday is a day we can wake up pretty. There are periods of time in everyone’s life where we are just not happy with what we are looking or feeling like. These feelings are nothing to be ashamed of, we are human to remember, but it does not mean that they have to be permanent. Over the past few years, I have discovered quick pick me ups on how to make myself feel a little better and practice some self love when I am not feeling like my usual 'take on the world today' self.

Get A Wax

I leave this as a general statement because everyone has something they feel especially good about from a wax (mine is my eyebrows). Nothing is more empowering then leaving the salon feeling refreshed and looking like you are going to take on the world. There is nothing I hate more than when my eyebrows are not perfectly shaped; so keeping on top of my waxes is super important and a significant confidence boost!

Spray Tans

There is something about having bronzed and glowy skin that just makes a girl a million times more confident (even if that glow came from a bottle). Getting a tan will even out your skin tone, cover blemishes, and will all around make you feel like a more put together person.

Getting Your Nails Done

No one likes being seen with a chipped manicure; this is an easy fix when you are feeling a little bit off about yourself. What is better than going to get your nails done is getting your nails done in your house, and ManeStreem has nail techs that are always ready to refresh your hands for that mid-week pick me up!

Wear Your Favorite Clothes

Even though they may be your most worn items in your closet, wearing the clothes you feel best in will instantly boost your mood, look good feel good is the mantra right? Forget what everyone else says, put on your favorite pants and matching top and take on the world!

Remember, no matter how many outside pick me ups you do to boost your mood the ultimate happiness comes from within. Do not forget to surround yourself with the people who mean the most to you and who make you feel the best. The ManeStreem team is always here to make you feel like the greatest version of yourself!


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