Why use ManeStreem?

We had the pleasure of interviewing long time ManeStreem user (2 whole years!), Maura. Besides being totally cool for a variety of reasons, Maura is often in need of a quick glam sesh before waltzing off to some of Philly's hottest events and parties. She's basically our newest muse. 
  1. Why do you use ManeStreem? 
    The first three things that come to mind are convenience, cost and quality. I work in the fast paced, and often unpredictably chaotic events industry. I typically do not find a lot of down time, working long and crazy hours on nights and weekends. Having to be at a venue hours before an event starts to set up, rushing around to the last minute, making sure everything is perfect – (not to mention, actually having to attend the event and make it look like you’re as perfectly put together as the room) is not an easy feat! ManeStreem has made it easy for me to be the ultimate multitasker, with the peace of mind that I can still look and feel my best when the first guest shows up. As they say, “never let ‘em see you sweat!” and ManeStreem allows me to check one more thing off my To-Do list.

  2. What is your favorite ManeStreem service? 
    My two favorite and most frequently used services are the blow-out and make up services... But before event season picks up again, I may just have to treat myself to a massage.  
  3. Do you have a favorite Provider?
     I would have to say Denise Pereau for hair, especially up-do!  I’m often too busy to be decisive, or even have time to look up a style of what I want my hair to look like prior to her arriving. Having my brain moving a million miles a minute, I love that I can tell Denise where I am going, what I am wearing -- and she pretty much reads my mind to give me exactly what I want, effortlessly.
  4. How did you hear about ManeStreem? 
    I started using ManeStreem almost 2 years ago. It was right when the word starting getting out about the app and a couple of my clients were chatting about it. Shortly after, I started seeing it pop up all over social media and knew this could potentially be a live-altering app for me – and I was right! Since then, I have tried to tell all of the other busy men and women in my life about my experience!
  5. What is your go to glam look? 
    I love a big blow out, big loose curls with some extra volume – you can’t go wrong! Even if you pull it back later in the night after some dancing, it will still look great. For makeup I tend to skew more in the natural side and save my drama for the eyes. I’ll typically go with a nude pink lip and I’m a huge fan of rose gold, blush, and purple tones on the eyes (Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette is my makeup spirit animal...) I’ll always be up for some fake lashes if the event calls for it, don’t get me started on warm or peachy highlighters– bring it!
  6. What has been your best ManeStreem experience? 
    I would have to say my best memory was my very first experience (also happened to be with Denise). I had no idea what to expect but was more than pleasantly surprised! I remember I was rushing around prepping for Philadelphia Style Magazine’s Best of Style event and she agreed to meet me at my office for makeup and an up-do. The day was so hectic, that I forgot I even booked the service… Let me tell you, the look I must have given her was mixture between “Oh my gosh, you’re here…” with a side of “Crap, I still have so much work to do” and overwhelming display of “I have no idea what I want you to do right now.” She looked at me and said “Honey, show me your dress. Grab your laptop. And just trust me – I do this for a living.” For some reason, my typical inability to relinquish control was washed over with a sense of “okay….she’s got this.” I placed my laptop on my lap and continued to work as she started the transformation. Before I knew it, I looked up from my laptop from the first time in 45 minutes into the mirror and I could not believe she NAILED it. For someone used to picking things apart things and demanding perfection, I was shocked that there was nothing I would change. And just like that – my love affair with ManeStreem began. 

We love you, Maura!